The History & The Future

Since the first attempts at Koi breeding in Niigata over a century ago, Koi breeders have been slowly and deliberately breeding ‘out’ the original traits of the wild carp and breeding ‘in’ the Nishikigoi qualities. But as with the breeding of any animal from time to time new blood has to be introduced. The last well known change to Nishikigoi came with Toshio Sakai adding Magoi blood and therefore creating modern Matsunosuke Koi. But since then there has been no new bloodlines created and breeding is concentrated around the tried and tested, such as Dainichi, Sensuke, Sadazo and Matsunosuke.

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Koi No Yohei Sole UK Agents

After many years of visiting Japan as members of the Shinkokai (Japanese Koi Breeders and Dealers Association) our reputation gave Select Nishikigoi International the opportunity to become the sole UK Agent for Koi No Yohei. 

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