Japan Facility

Deron has now surpassed the milestone of over one hundred visits to Japan! Therefore, after these many years of experience establishing his own facility was the next step in the right direction.
The goal for this project was to enable the purchase of high class Koi at a young age to be placed into the mud ponds of Niigata. With these Koi then being made available to clients once they had started showing signs of fulfilling the potential Deron had selected them for.
Deron harvesting another high quality Kohaku
With these Koi then being made available to his clients once they had started to fulfil the potential Deron expected.
After a long search the Select Nishikigoi Niigata facility was finally established. The fish house itself is located in the birthplace of Nishikigoi, where it all began all those decades ago, Yamakoshi Village.
The Yamakoshi Facility
For an Englishman to have a Koi farm in Japan is a brand new development and being the first to secure a fish house in the heartland of Nishikigoi really demonstrates that Deron is now regarded as one of their own!
Suda, Saito and Marusada San in the fish house helping to pack a shipment bound for the United Kingdom
The Koi are grown in seven mud ponds situation in a valley in nearby Uonuma. A stunning place where clients’ Koi can be grown and can even join in to harvest their purchases themselves.
The Select Nishikigoi mud ponds at Uonuma

All Koi at the Yamakoshi facility come under the governance of the Niigata Inland Fisheries Department, resulting in regular health tests along with the strict regulations enforced in Japan.

As Select Nishikigoi is not a mere buyer and seller of Koi it means that the Koi are under their care for a considerable length of time, this ensures the Koi are fully heath certified, both in Japan (twice in fact, at the breeders and the Select facility) and the UK.