Select Nishikigoi offers a unique and unrivaled service sourcing high end Koi for clients from around the globe.

Its founder, Deron Simons has created a procurement system that gives his clients head-of-the-queue access to every high class Koi breeder in Japan.

Using his experience of twenty-seven years has enabled the establishment of the first ever U.K. owned fish farm in Yamakoshi Village, the birth place of Nishikigoi. A true Mecca for anyone who has a true desire to be KoiKichi.
It is here that many of the Koi available will start their journey into becoming part of Deron's exclusive collection.

Calling upon his vast knowledge, every year Deron purchases many high class Tosai from various breeders, these Tategoi are then released into his mud ponds.
Therefore producing quality Koi to be harvested year after year.

Each Koi being raised and nurtured at the Yamakoshi facility has been under Derons watchful eye since just a few months old.
Spotting the early indicators of a future high class Koi is the ‘art of Nishikigoi’!
 It is Derons reading of this that allows the growth and production of high end Koi year on year.

Too many see Koi purchasing as a gamble, Deron can show you that it is instead a process, and by doing so removes many of the risks for clients.



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